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Customer experience is everything.

Master CX is the market research solution that identifies, measures and analyzes the experience of your customers in the service and sales process.


Cx measurement is done with the customer journey analysis in selected sales channels (digital and traditional), in all stages of sales process (pre-sale, sale and post-sale) or conversion funnel (awareness, analysis, decision and buy)


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    customer centric

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    Provides qualitative and quantitative customer insights

    Allows to know all the moments of truth that the customer experienced in the complete sale process.

    Identify weaknesses and strengths throughout the path that the user follows in customer journey

    Identify gaps defined by the customer based on their expectations versus Real experience.

    Measure and evaluate the customer’s experience in offline and online media (this last one is by using MDI).

    A CX Index is generated and allows locating the position of the company with respect to its competitors.

    Improve the customer experience to get customer loyalty.

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